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From: John Jackoby
Subject: "Father Son Shower- Cahpter 1"Disclaimer: Please do not read if you are not of legal age or if
homosexuality offends you. This story is completely fictional and should not
be taken seriously.Please comment if you enjoy! niftywritinghotmail.com"Father Son Shower- Chapter 1" I had always been attracted to my father. He was a man in his middle 60's,
with graying hair a big but firm stomach and great meaty legs. He had a
stocky but firm build -- you could tell that he was once a muscular guy. He
was pretty hairless, except for slight wisps on his legs and chest. As much
as I fantasized about him, I had never seen him naked. He was a private man
and was never open to walking around in the buff. I think that this, most of
all, was what made me yearn for it the most.I, being the sexually driven teenager that I am, decided that it was time to
see what I was missing. I had tried everything -- hiding while he changed,
walking around half-naked to see if I would get a reaction -- and nothing
worked. The lock on my parent's bedroom door had never worked right, so I
decided that I would wait until he was getting in or out of the shower and
walk in on him `accidentally'.The following night, the house was silent, as my mom and sister were
visiting a relative. I heard the shower begin to run, and I became very
horny in anticipation. I sneaked into my parent's room and over to the
bathroom door. Very gently, I twisted the handle and pulled the door open. I
inserted my head through the opening in the bottom and looked at the shower.
Through the translucent green curtain, I could see the flesh-colored outline
of my father washing his hair, his body. Suddenly, I heard the shower turn
off. I jumped and quietly pulled the door shut slightly. I waited several
seconds until I knew for sure that he was standing out in the open,
collected myself, and casually opened the door and walked in. There,
standing in all his glory was my father, holding a towel to his hair and
facing the wall. He had broad shoulders with fuzz on the top, a strong lolitas young preeteen teasers
and a nice, firm, hairless bubble butt. He turned around, his vision still
blocked by the towel. His firm belly, slightly fuzzy chest, manly arms and
thick thighs glistening from the water. For one second, I looked down at his
perfect cock. little lolita model toplist
Surrounded by a bush of light auburn hair sat my father's
member, about three and a half inches in length, soft, resting on two
nice-sized hairy balls hanging below. It was, just like the rest of his
body, soaked with water and glistening. He looked up from his towel and
jumped in shock."Oh, sorry dad," I yelped, stumbling for something to say. I thought for
sure that he would yell."Did you need something?" he asked. I guess I was transfixed by the naked
flesh in front of me. "Son?""Oh, um, no. Sorry," I replied as I little hairless lolita pussy regained thought.As I turned to leave, he let out a chuckle and said, "So, did you like what
you see?""What?""You heard me." He smirked."I, uh, I...""It's ok, son. You don't have to be embarrassed. It's just us guys.""Uh-huh" was all I could get out.I guess that the erection in my pants was fairly noticeable, since I was
only wearing basketball shorts, and my father caught on. It was almost as if
he began to give me a show. He turned around, lifted his leg on to the
toilet nearby and bent down to dry his legs and feet. I could hardly take it
anymore and began to rub my throbbing penis through my shorts. He quickly
turned around and saw. He said, "Well, you saw mine. Let's see what you've
got." I was speechless. The same man that has always locked his doors to
change wants me to get naked with him?"You know, never mind. I know that you feel uncomfortable. I'm sorry.""No, no, I'm not!" I said. `Here goes nothing,' I said to myself, and
dropped my shorts. I was fairly average- at full mast, my dick was probably
about 6-1/2 inches."Well, I'll say." He said. I noticed that his eyes were stationary to my
crotch. He soon began to grow slightly. It was a wet dream come true -- I was
standing, naked, with my father, who was getting turned on.It was now or never. "I think I'll take a shower," I said. As I walked past
my father, I lightly reached down and touched his cock. He looked shocked.
Surprised at the boldness that I had just shown, I entered the shower,
closed the curtain and turned on the hot water. Steam began to rise. I
waited impatiently to see how my father would react. After a minute or so,
he had not made a move and I figured that I had gone too far. After all, he
is my father. Just as I began to tell myself what a mistake I had just made,
the curtain was pulled back and there stood my father, stroking his dick.
"You know, I could use another shower," he said with a smile on his face.He entered the shower and kissed me passionately, placing his hands on my
waist. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and ran my hands through his
hair, then bringing them lower- down his neck, his back, and, finally, to
his perfect ass. I cupped my hands over each globe, with my fingertips
reaching inside. I kneaded the flesh in my hands. I was so turned on. I
broke the kiss and grabbed the bottle of body wash. I took some into my
hands and began to work it all over his body. I started with his shoulders,
and went to his arms, his stomach and back, his ass and legs, and finally
his perfect cock and pubic hair. He soon took soap and did the same to me.
We pressed and ground our slippery bodies together. We rinsed off and kissed
again, only breaking when I began to work my way down his body with my
mouth. I sucked and licked his neck and went down to his fuzzy chest, where
I licked and played with his nipples. He moaned. I continued down to his
belly, which had always been a turn-on for me. At teen nn top loli his belly button was the
lightest trail of hair that I licked down to my ultimate destination -- his
now-throbbing cock. I lowered myself slightly and began to lick his inner
thighs. I inhaled his masculine scent. I playfully began to lick his balls
as he shook in pleasure. I took one in my mouth at a time, and then focused
on the skin between his low hangers and asscrack. I knew that he couldn't
take the teasing any longer, so I licked the head of his now-6-inch cock. I
inserted the head into my mouth and gently sucked. I new lolita reality bbs had never sucked a cock
before, but judging from the groans of ecstasy coming from my nn pre lolitas pics father, I
would say that I was doing a good job. I then began to insert more and more
into my mouth, trying to hold back my gag reflex. My father put his hand on
the back of my head to help along. Soon, my nose was going in and out of my
father's great bush of hair. After a few more minutes of deep-throating, my
father screamed and several shots of thick, creamy come shot into my mouth.
It tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before; I needed more. I stood up
and kissed my father again, sharing the juice with him. My father leaned
back against the little lolita model toplist shower wall and sat down on the floor, spreading his legs
out (the shower was a shower/tub combo). I lied on top of him, reaching down
and fondling his still-hard member. I raised his legs and got low to the
ground, water from the showerhead still pouring on top of us. I nestled my
face under his balls and between his cheeks and began to lick. He groaned as
I kept rimming. After some time, he pulled me up and said, "Go get the
Vaseline."I quickly followed orders and reached for the jelly in the cupboard. He took
some, rubbed it all over his cock. I got on top of him and, facing him, sat
down. It was painful at first, but the pain was soon replaced with a
pleasure like no other. I could feel him thrusting into me as I lay on his
firm belly and kissed him. After a while, the thrusts got harder and harder
until my father yelped and I felt more come filling me. We kissed again, and
he lifted my body off of his. He told me to turn around, so I followed
orders. He buried his face into my ass and began to sop up the juices that
he had just filled me with. He spun me around yet again and began to
playfully like my balls. He soon took my cock into his mouth, inch after
inch, as I groaned in ecstasy. Before long I was filling the back of my
father's throat with at least five shots of come.My nude lolitas of 12 father stood up and took me into his arms. We kissed again. I put my
hands between his butt cheeks and played with his hairy hole. He broke the
kiss and smiled. "You don't know how long I've wanted to be in that ass of
yours.""You don't know how long I've wanted you there," I replied. We stepped out
of the shower and dried each other off, playfully touching each other's
cocks and butts."Shall we finish this in the bedroom?" he asked as he swaggered towards the
door."You bet." I replied, and chased after him. Good thing my mom and sister
wouldn't be back all weekend.
Like it? Tell me! niftywritinghotmail.com
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